G5® Haute Cosmétiques is the latest innovation from the renowned research-based company, LLR-G5. Their many years of scientific study has resulted in remarkable discoveries, brand-new formulations, and ground-breaking advancements in the health, wellbeing and cosmetic fields.

Proven Results

Inspired by the scientifically-proven success of MMST G5®️ nutritional supplements and topical products, LLR-G5 set about expanding into the skincare field. MMST has been rigorously assessed since 2016 by the European Food Safety Advisory (EFSA) and the European Commission and is already proven to act in joint health, bone density, boosted immunity and cellular regeneration.

The result — G5® Haute Cosmétiques — is an innovative new skincare range powered by MMST and its remarkable cellular regeneration capabilities. Together with its proven ability to promote natural connective tissue and collagen, MMST rejuvenates the skin with hydration, tone and improved elasticity.

Safe & Effective

G5®️ and our proprietary MMST molecule are manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring complete safety, purity and efficacy. LLRG5 and its sister company G5® Haute Cosmétiques consistently invest in high calibre research and development, working with leading scientists from all over the world. This international collaboration has guaranteed the advancement of our reputation and expertise in MMST, making LLR-G5 market leaders in silicon supplements.


LLR-G5 works with global independent research bodies, world-class scientific organisations and internationally-renowned universities such as Cambridge University (UK) and Lakehead University (CA). Scientists have published a large body of research and evidence regarding silicon and health and the proven efficacy of Organic Silicon G5®️.

The Collection

Harness the transformative power of MMST and make regeneration, rejuvenation and repair part of your daily routine.