G5® Haute Cosmétiques Full Set€160,00 EUR

Try the complete G5® Haute Cosmétiques set. Based on MMST to support collagen production, hydrate and tone the skin. It includes Micellar Water, Revitalising Spray, Regenerating Cream and Repairing Lotion.

The Science (MMST)

The result of decades of molecular research with world-renowned international specialists, the G5-HC collection focuses on powerful skincare formulations with high-performance active ingredients — including MMST. By harnessing the power of this organic molecule, expert proprietary processes, and an exceptionally advanced preservative system, G5® Haute Cosmétiques delivers real results in every drop.

Free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, propylene glycol, EDTA and silicones, and synthetic colours and fragrances.

"The cosmetics industry needs a new movement, an evolution and a future. G5® Haute Cosmétiques delivers on every front. Using the most advanced ingredients, never-before-seen combinations, and our proprietary molecule MMST, we have developed a universal skin care regimen for everyone. The benefits are truly remarkable." – John Loftus, CEO

Our Values

Our business revolves around MMST, as it has for many decades. At our core is our drive for transparency and purity at every step of our customer journey. We deliver this through the scientific skill of our people and the unrivalled quality of our products. Our research is unmatched in the sector, as is our innovation. These values underpin our work as we strive to provide our customers with visible, clinically-proven results which we are proud to stand by.